Master IT project delivery

IT project delivery is a must-have skill to ensure job security and grow your career. Are you ready to level up?

Be mentored by the masters...

If you want to be the best, you need to learn from the best.

Our IT Program & Project Leaders have mastered the art of IT project delivery and are ready to pass their knowledge onto those who want more out of their careers and lives.

In our 8-week training course, we’ll teach you the principles, processes and powerful tools we use for our clients, including:

    • How to identify and interview your stakeholders and key stakeholders
    • Why the Project Charter is critical to your success and how to build it
    • Building trust and rapport with leadership and your project team
    • Project Communications Secrets
    • Secrets of successful project documentation
    • Creating a WBS and converting it into an effective project plan
    • Assessing project risks and developing proactive mitigation plans
    • Creating project dashboards and customized tracking solutions
    • Scheduling and leading effective PAR (Project Accountability Review)
    • Leading an effective project kick-off establishing clear vision & purpose
    • Leading project teams in completing tasks on time and on budget
    • Developing and executing test plans/scripts
    • Coordinating training of staff & users
    • Preparing for and leading successful activation/Go-Live
    • Ensuring effective hand off to support teams
    • Completing closing checklist/lessons learned
    • How to recognize/reward key project contributors

Do you want to grow your career? Are you ready to master IT project delivery? Find out more about our 8-week course today and get one step closer to IT project success.