Our Story

Our story began in 2015. It was then that our business was founded with the idea that IT projects could be run best by experienced IT professionals who had the right tools, techniques, and training.

Today, we are privileged to deliver the most complex IT projects and most advanced IT project training for the best people around the globe.

Phase3 is named after our 3D Project Process: Discover, Design, Deliver. Our logo is also inspired by this paradigm with Discover being the foundation of the pyramid, Design being the second level, and the pinnacle being Deliver, which is the goal and output of all our projects and programs.

Our mission: to help IT leaders obtain better project outcomes in less time.

We’ve always believed in delivering the best projects possible. It’s our goal for all of our processes to be efficient, easy, and clear to enable success for all parties. Our ITPD certification process is built on proven principles form the real-world of IT project delivery. Our IT Project Leaders leverage the latest technology and tools to ensure maximum results for our clients with minimal confusion and complexity.

We offer the finest IT project services in the world, developed, led and served by the finest IT people.