Founder & CEO - Joseph Garfield

Ever since I was little, I’ve loved technology, figuring out how it works and how to make it work even better.
I started my career in IT at the ground level…the Help Desk 🙂
From there, I grew rapidly through the ranks from Server Engineer to Network Administrator, and eventually Professional Services/Consulting.
Over the years, I’ve worked with amazing people from small start-ups to massive corporations and absorbed everything I could to become a better person and IT leader.
In 2015, I took a leap of faith and started my own company, Phase3, with the motto, “PEOPLE > PROCESS > RESULTS.
My vision was to be the best IT project management firm in the business by serving the best people, building the best processes, and most importantly… delivering the best results for our clients.
I’m happy to report that we’ve fulfilled that vision for our current customers and are now ready to help more people and businesses to succeed.
I genuinely love helping people, and enjoy making technology and projects help them and their businesses be more successful.
More than anything, I love my family and 7 crazy/awesome kids. I’m 100% committed to being the father and role model they deserve.